Our #selfie4good initiative is still ongoing. Through our good friends at KAM we met the Oxygene family, pitched #selfie4good, they liked it and the rest as they say, is history!

The more we visit different offices for #selfie4good, the more our strategy evolves. Our program for Oxygene was a little tweaked and it worked out perfectly.

The theme for the week was hiphop

First up was a little cypher by our finest artists to get the people out of their workstations.

Then a little introduction about DHC and our programs by the admins.

Being Hiphop City our DHC Finest had to spit some rhymes and make the people recognize what we are about. As usual the crowd was wowed. We even had some Oxygene members spit some rhymes for us. DHC might need to sign some people from Oxygene as artists.

The public personality to grace our presence this week was the hilarious Dj Shiti. DHC founder also had to do a little something for his fans and let’s just say there is no party like a DHC party.

We added a new twist to our #selfie4good program with some sheng 101. Sheng is our operating language and we had to teach the Oxygene fam a little slang ndio wakikuja D wasifloat saaana. This was a fun session. They also taught us some of their slang. That’s the beauty of Sheng. Everyone has their own version.

The aim of #selfie4good is to raise funds and awareness for Dandora Hiphop City and the Oxygene visit was a successful as we managed to raise quite some money and even sold some of our merchandise.

#selfie4good is all about selfies and we took so many selfies it does not even make sense! The in house photographer really outdid himself in documenting the evening. Here are a few photos showing what we were upto…

Dj Mullar on the decks.

Many thanks to the Oxyegene family for opening their doors to us, donating money to our worthy cause and being such amazing hosts. we met some amazing people and this is definitely just the beginning of something great between DHC and Oxygene.

The future looks bright. Stay tuned!


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Francis · September 28, 2018 at 8:08 am

This was dabomb!!!

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