We value partnership without a community of supporters we wont be able to take this journey of finding equal opportunities for vulnerable youth to grow and become the best they can be.


We are striving to achieve sustainability to run our programs however for now your moral and financial support will go along way.


Business number: 552800

Account Number: 0082344519001


Are you looking for a place to belong, shape and grow your talent.

We got you!!! for as low as Ksh 200 per month Join our community and enjoy access to the space, opportunities, network and tools necessary to propel your talent to greater heights.

Honorary Member:

You don’t need to be a budding musician to sign up, become our honorary member.

Be part of us to inspire, mentor and support these our young people. for only Ksh 10,000 a year you will be able to connect to us and share your informative fire.

As a Thank you will receive a huge discount on our merchandise and opportunity to mentor at the space .



The center is strategically situated in the middle of four Eastlands most populated areas namely: Korogosho, Lucky summer, Dandora and Baba ndogo.

We are where most people would shy away from but not to worry this presents us with a unique opportunity to reach the un-reached and your message is welcomed and will have impact.

Dandora Hip Hip City is a three story building that we have segmented into three main parts though we have a big space outside the building.

We have separated the buildings in three parts:


eBox – We provide office space with Wifi, desk, electricity and a vibrant community ready to work together in changing our world for the better.

The Circle

The Circle – the middle floor is set up for meetings, training, small concerts, screenings with a space that can fit fifty people sitting. we provide P.A,mobilizing the community,Projector, electricity and catering as an extra service.

Music cafe

The music cafe – Being an artist take time and need an environment to inspire. we have set this top floor specially for artist with the necessary tools to help them shape and grow their talents.

A three day per week schedule with practical approaches to transform passion and talent into well established brands. under the mentor ship of our founder Juliani and masters classes from other established  artists. ENROLL NOW!


Would you like to be part of this community and support financially. check out out programs listing and see where you would like to fit in. your support is highly appreciated.









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