The Ndoto Zetu kids program which is a Swahili name meaning “Our dreams”, was started in 2016 to equip children with life skills, giving them opportunities and a platform to showcase and identify their talents, at the same time keeping them busy.

Mission – Guide kids aged 7 – 17 and educate them on proper self-care, the dangers of drug abuse, early pregnancies, the vices of tribalism and assertiveness to liberate themselves from bad company and peer pressure.

Vision To change the image of Dandora from within the community.

We aim at keeping the kids busy by developing their talents as well as indulging them in their hobbies. This gives them an opportunity to use their time wisely without constant exposure to the negativities of life.

How We Operate

In-between school terms, we have weekend programs since during the week most of the kids are in school. We also have school after school sessions where kids get a space to do their homework without distraction. . 

We developed a program which will enable children to spend their time constructively and creatively.

Our weekend and holiday activities include:

Digital skills training – courtesy of Upeo Discovery who volunteer every other Saturday to teach the kids about the world of computers and robotics.

Debate: a theme is created whereby the children can discuss whether it’s right or wrong thus enhancing their debating skills.

Game day: various games like cards, hide&seek, athletics etc.. are played and winners get small prizes.

Movie day: kids sit down and watch movies and documentaries from all over the world helping them learn about different cultures and the variety of art expressions.

Story telling: we create a conducive environment for kids to talk about their life stories, school, their dreams etc.

Picnic and trip day: this day will create an opportunity for kids to visit other places outside Dandora, showing them that there is more to life than slums and the ghetto. Exposing them to a different life and environment that will be educational, inspiring and lots of fun.

Story book reading: kids get a chance to sit together to read storybooks and have a storytelling session. They get to ask questions after the sessions thus creating interactive sessions which help in expanding their minds, creativity and imagination. They will also learn something beneficial from the selected selection of books.

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