Dandora Hip Hop City in partnership with KAM held a capacity building workshop at PAWA254 for upcoming artists on Tuesday 25th September in an effort to to build sustainability champions through the use of music and art to raise awareness on proper waste management.

The workshop brought together over 150 artists from Nairobi and its environs for a day of capacity building on various topics such as Music copyright, Art-preneurship (where art and entrepreneurship meet) and proper waste management

Some of the speakers present included Tobias Alando, the Acting CEO of KAM who reiterated that artists have an impact on society. “Art contributes to social change” placing emphasis on the creative sector and youth development.

Renowned artists Maureen Kunga of Elani and Seroney also had a segment on legal issues in music. As advocates of the high court and musicians, they were the best people to talk to the artists on music legal issues. Artists were encouraged to register their music and familiarize themselves with their rights as artists and the Kenyan copyright laws

DHC  founder while speaking on the day’s theme “Building sustainability champions” expressed the willingness of young people in proper waste management through our Customer Bora program. Through this program, DHC established trial ‘Taka Bank kiosks, that serve as recyclable waste collection stations where customers can responsibly dispose of their waste for recycling. The pilot phase generated a lot of interest and we are looking forward to rolling out the kiosks widely’”

This being an artist workshop, the entertainment was top notch! Take a look

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