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Be an AAS (Adopt A Startup)

  • Harambee is a Kenyan Philosophy where people come together to assist their neighbors, friends in need and in celebrations. Kenyans have a reputation of giving with an open heart they often extend a hand of help to weddings,funerals,parties,the less fortunate best examples are Kenyans for Kenya, Bring zack back home,Safaricom Twaweza,Host Rescue Kenya Githeri man just to mention but a few. The challenge is can we do the same for young men and women who lack basic resources to start or to scale business ideas? I believe we can and we will. With this in mind we are raising finances Harambee funded startups, matching start ups with mentors, providing young women and men with resources and environment to TRY, FAIL, LEARN and GROW their ideas into business. Motto: ..Kutabadilishwa na nani, Kama si sisi (Who's going to change things, if its not us) How it will work: We Raise Finances from you the public, Bring together mentors, Identify and match up Startups with these resources. We will host these startups in our community project Dandora HipHop City. Training will be handled by Wylde international. PARTICIPATE BY FILLING IN THIS FORM! THANK YOU.


  1. Be an AAS

    Our goal is to raise finances, bring together mentors, Identify and match up Startups with these resources.
    $0.00 donated of $50,000.00 goal

Hundreds of Kenyan want to be part of the solution.

Overview of how AAS will work.


  • ┬áReach out and mobilize the public to sign up as Harambee investor, mentor or trainer.
  • Once we have reached the right number.
  • We do a call out for ideas, small business who need the resource and opportunities.
  • We short list then present to the investors, trainers and mentors to select who they like to back.
  • We match the investors, trainers to the small business.
  • Kick start the program.
  • We hold training on basic lean start up principles.
  • We will have milestones set up to monitor and evaluate progress of the ideas.
– The businesses will be hosted at DHC, we are targeting young driven entrepreneurs in informal settlements.
– DHC will carry out the administration, resource mobilization, marketing, provide space and seek partnership.
– We will host minimum 10 business at a time.
The above are recommendation, we will have a concrete plan based on our partners advice.

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Teddy Warria · September 24, 2017 at 6:07 pm

Get me involved! I believe in Creative Minds, Creating Change.

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