Alkebulana Foodies is a registered private chef and food catering startup founded by Chepchumba Shebby and Naliaka Munyasia.

The name Alkebulana is derived from the word Alkebulan which is Africa’s original name. As the name suggests, the food takes a gourmet twist to African traditional food.

Alkebulana has been operational for a little over a year with the main gigs being small events such as listening parties, social gatherings and private cooking classes. Like any other young business, there are some challenges. Such include lack of visibility in the market and low capital for necessary cooking equipment.

Adopt a Startup is a social initiative by Dandora Hiphop City that seeks to match startups with hands on mentors, resources and the environment to turn their startups into sustainable businesses. Our motto is “Kutabadilishwa na nani, Kama si sisi?” [who’s going to bring about change, if not us?]

By adopting a startup, you are believing in a small business and pledging time to mentor as well as a certain amount every month to help the startup move along in business. Monthly pledges can be ksh.5000 or ksh.10000 towards a startup such as Alkebulana to enable them to acquire what they need for their business to move to the next step. To be an AAS and to support a startup such as Alkebulana reach out to us 


Business number: 552800

Account Number: 0082344519001

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