The school holidays are right around the corner…so close I can feel them. That means one thing: Our kids at Ndoto Zetu will be home all month and what better way to kick off the holidays than with an array of events from 1st – 3rd August

Music is part and parcel of us so of course we are going to have a festival and we decided to throw in some extras because why not? Are you ready for Ndoto Zetu kids music and drama festival? The kids have been practising every evening after school (after homework of course!)  and on weekend and all I can say is, it’s about to be a treat.

The theme for the event will be “Our environment is our priority. Use but find a way to reuse”

The host will be non other than Dash Johnte – founder of Ndoto Zetu

There will be a workshop at Dandora 41 social hall and Hiphop City HQ and a concert at PEFA church.

All the info is on the poster! See you there!

Ndoto Zetu music and drama festival


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