We are a vibrant, creative, transformation space with a sense of belonging to anyone who wants to be equipped, grow and network in the Arts, Tech & Entrepreneurship.

Our Program’s objectives are to:

• Provide a safe space for youths to share experiences, stories.
• Create a conducive environment with tools, and resources that will enhance youth ideas, dreams and aspirations.

The Dandora Hip Hop City where dreams come true.


Word from our founder









Are doctors born or are they made?

Are architects born or are they made?

Are soccer players born or are they made?

We cannot argue that an inert desire to be who you want to be can get you started however like all professions you require certain level of conditioning to keep you and grow your talent.

When i had interest in Becoming a rapper, i was privileged to be around the pioneers of Hip Hop In Kenya,being around Kalamashaka got me validated and i got to learn straight from the masters. later on my performance skills was molded in the hands of Kanji Mbugua who taught me how to play with a live band, the icing on the cake was when i was signed to Emmanuel Jals UK record Label, Gartwich records. They poured resources and i must say talent with resources makes a big difference.

Dandora and its environs provides a big canvas for a perfect picture. all the issues that are surrounding are a big opportunity. we need to equip the young people in the informal settlements to first see themselves as a solution then they can easily go out and be the difference.

Just like me through my career, it took deliberate interventions, patience and learning to get me here. At Dandora HipHop City, We strive to be that alternative and more.




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