We recently partnered with Forum Syd Kenya with the goal of promoting civic education among the residents of Dandora and its environs.

Last Friday (28th Oct 2016) we held our first Community forum under the campaign banner #Sisiniwalewasee at the dandora phase 4 social hall. The meeting was graced by a panel that comprised of Mr. Ibrahim, a sheikh at the dandora phase 5 mosque, Mrs. Jane Akinyi a community leader, Mr. Ndiema “maneno” who represented Phase 2 Health Centre and a representative from the local chiefs office Mr. Musa.

cweyqq4xgaaf6fh     (Sisi ni wale wasee community forum panel)

The residents of Dandora welcomed the idea of a monthly community forum and went on to loud our efforts in educating the locals on the rights and duties as citizens of our beloved country. This very first forum discussed the true meaning of being a Kenyan and the discussion delved into the ideals of patriotism, identity and citizenship

This was the first forum in Dandora where the youth and the elderly engaged each other on issues that affect them and in a candid manner.

Sheikh Ibrahim was impressed with some of out artists that provided entertainment during the forum and asked them to use there music to end tribalism in the dandora community.

cwe1tvkweaedqnp                                          (Sheikh Ibrahim – Phase 5 mosque)

During the forum, we learnt that in dandora there are areas that are known to be for particular tribes. for example; Phase 5 in Dandora is known to be for the Kikuyu community while Phase 4 is for the Luo community.

Awendo – an area in phase 4 was also called out as a hot bet of violence during political campaigns and that the forum should be held in such areas with the effort to educate the locals on civic matters and promote peace.


The sisi ni wale wasee  community forum will be held once every month as we seek to give space where different communities can candidly discuss issues affecting them, exchange ideas and come up with solutions to the challenges affecting them.

cweyocdweaaxjrg            Dandora  Community residents.

 cwezkvewaaa6ep9Community resident sharing her views and opinions  during the forum

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