Christmas has come early for our members this year, Dandora Hip Hop city and Turning Tables Kenya have entered into a partnership that will see both organization push the envelope in regards to talent development in the circles of film and music.

Gone are the days where an artists would go through the hustle for searching for platforms to show case their talent and toil day and night in search of funds just to access a recording studio where they would end up with half-baked products as they would get exploited by hungry music producers who themselves might not be even professionals in the said field.

Turning tables Kenya is a non-profit organization that works to give voice to the marginalized youths worldwide through music and film production.




(Turning tables Kenya crew Misee the producer, Mike lolly film director, Junior Rebel artist,Ebel artis,Juliani DHC founder, Ngech  and Jimmy)

The partnership will see Turning Tables Kenya hold monthly events at Hip Hop city, giving our members a platform to perform in front of their peers and also record their singles at the TnT studios

12654498_1065661230141999_8922222159073206062_nFirst on the Agenda will be the recording of Dandora Hip hop city inaugural mix tape titled Made in Dandora. The mix tape will be a compilation of work done by 8 of our best artists. The Recording will commence on the 28th of March 2016




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